B2007: And So It Ends

The Penguin Family

This is it. The final post of an otherwise long and eventful Blogathon. It’s been fun inching hour after hour snapping photos and writing posts both informative and aloof for your guys. I hope that whatever knowledge I imparted in the cancer series enlightens you towards what cancer is all about and clear any myths and misconceptions you have in the past. It is with hope that given what you know now, you’ll be able to understand as well as help others lives affect by cancer. After all there is no greater hand to guide than the knowledge that you hold.

It’s also been a fruitful Blogathon. Footsteps in the Mirror has managed to raise to date, over 870 dollars in pledges, exceeding previous pledges. Even though we didn’t exactly reach the goal of $1000 dollars in donation. It doesn’t matter, what transpired during these 24 hours is something money can’t buy. It is with the sheer conviction of will and company of bloggers I hope to call friends that an event like this far surpasses anything experienced during the previous Blogathons.

It is with great pride and paradoxical humility that I wish to thank all the people that have pledged to donate to the Association for International Cancer Research. People like my parents and relatives who donated a large sum of money, my partner who stayed by to make sure I was comfortable, Dr Todd Walker who without his guidance, mentoring and notes, I wouldn’t have understood and appreciated the wonderful world of cancer cytology. Special note also go out to LiewCF who’s contributions have shown me that there is hope yet in this world. I would also like to thank everyone that helped publicise my blog and Blogathon and helped me reach out to the wider world.

This Blogathon has truly been an enjoyable experience for me and it is with hope that the money we pledged would do some good in helping combat cancer through diligent research all over the world. I can’t thank you enough so before I just keep going on and on. I would like to stop here. I hope it doesn’t require the next Blogathons for me to see you guys drop by my blog. Until that time then. This is Kamigoroshi, signing off the last post of Blogathon 2007.

You can still pledge your amount right here. Sponsorship will be open for two more days after Blogathon

11 thoughts on “B2007: And So It Ends

  1. Congratulations – you’ve earned every penny of those pledges and have more than earned some time to sleep 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m sorry I wasn’t here more during this great thing you just pulled off. Enjoy your rest and feel good about yourself after. Well done.

  3. Pelf: To think that’s not all of it. I’ve still got about the same amount back in Malaysia. 🙂

    Kelwin: Sleep is always good. 🙂

    YP: After 11 hours of sleep, I still feel a little tired. Then again, I’m always tired. 🙂

    Cas: Thanks Cas especially for the pledge. Though…I thought you’d have said a word or so about the penguins. 🙂

    Tine: Thank you. 🙂

    Nils: The fact that you dropped by and left a lot of comments in the beginning as well is great. Thanks for the support during the Blogathon. 🙂

    Abby: You too! Hope you get a good night’s sleep as well. 🙂

  4. I have some turtles too, but they’re not soft toys, they’re HARD and breakable and can only be seen, not hugged, LOL..

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