B2007: Biological Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Mother and Child

I swear, this subject has to come up every Blogathon. If you’re ever in the market for fruits. Stay well away from that “King of Fruits” called the Durian. It is a true biological weapon and I’ll even name you the reasons.

  1. It’s got a hard spiky outer skin. As Durians ripen, they fall down from the tree. If you’re going to be under one when it falls, you better be wearing some heavy protection or you’re going to end up in the hospital, or worse.
  2. It stinks to high heaven. Think rotting meat with a hint of onion. I’ve handled decomposing bodies that smell better.
  3. It tastes bad. Onion flavoured custard is not my thing. Or it could be something worse. In retrospect, fried crickets taste better.

I have a theory about the Durian. If people in early Malaya started catapulting these fruits at the Portuguese when they invaded Melaka during the 17th century, rest assured, they wouldn’t have set foot on the country and Malaya wouldn’t have been colonised for 400 years. That being said, how could it not be a biological weapon?

Then again it’s also a Malaysian delicacy. Oh well…we are what we eat after all.

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6 thoughts on “B2007: Biological Weapon Of Mass Destruction

  1. Hey, that’s NOT TRUE! I HEART durians! You know, you can make superbly delicious durian ice cream by adding the fruit into a box of ice cream and putting them back into the freezer.. *yum*

  2. If you say durian is a WMD, then all I can say is “One man’s WMD is another man’s heavenly food”. LoL! It’s been 3 years since I last ate durian and I missed it terribly!

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