B2007: Dangers of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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In recent years especially in regards to cancer treatments, the use of complementary and alternative medicine has increased with people trying it out at least once in their life time.

Complementary and alternative medicine includes prayer, herbal remedies, dietary regimes and even things like accupuncture. While the use of these alternative therapies in conjunction with standard treatments do provide some comfort for the patient, relying on them alone or without the doctors approval is dangerous and often fatal.

A lot of these treatments have no scientific basis for working and even if they have undergone scientific testing, they have been proven ineffective. While people have argued that these forms of treatments are better because they are natural, by no means do they mean they are safe nor are they effective.

There are plenty of such crackpot advices out there based on the skewed and misguided information about cancer. Some will downright kill you. The best advice to listen to is from the doctor that’s treating you and if you have any plans to take up complementary and alternative medicine, please consult your doctor first.

There is no reason to die out of stupidity no matter who claims it works.

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