B2007: Right In The Middle

Hot Seat

It’s come to this. The 12th hour of the Blogathon. The halfway mark. The point between the end and passing out because you don’t have enough sleep. And some of us really don’t have enough sleep because due to the unique way the Earth rotates, some of us including myself have been up for about 24 hours as it is.

But that means whatever we’re doing now is all the more sweeter because with 12 hours left to go, we’re still wide awake and keeping at it. So if you’re impressed by this feat so far, don’t hesitate to pledge and donate to our charity which is the Association for International Cancer Research. Every little bit counts because some of us stayed awake all night for a good cause.

That’s accountable for something isn’t it?

This year Footsteps in the Mirror will be blogging to raise money for the Association for International Cancer Research which is a non-profit organisation that helps fund cancer research throughout the world. If you’re willing to help, you can sign up on the Blogathon website and pledge your amount right here. Help make a difference, no matter how small it may be.

3 thoughts on “B2007: Right In The Middle

  1. Popped in to say hi during your blogathon! I’m clicking around from another blogger’s site! Good luck!

  2. Ah Pek: If you start on coffee in the beginning of Blogathon, that’s like committing murder-suicide. You’ll crash and burn fast.

    Deanna: Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate the comments. 🙂

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