B2007: Science Is Life

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The thing about choosing the road in life that constantly asks “why?” is that the questions never really end. For everything you know, there will be plenty more than you don’t. At the end of it, there is the gaping hole of unknowns that you simply want to know because you won’t feel complete without it.

But that is what people like me do. That is a life of a scientist. You ask why and when you can’t find the answers, you go out and search for them. The thing about science is that you’re always compounded with the possibility that whatever you knew will change the moment you learn something new. You can’t deny or accept something as a fact until you have your proof.

Some people might find that kind of life meaningless. Having your perceptions constantly rewritten with learning new things. But what people don’t realize that their perceptions are being rewritten everyday. Unless you stick two fingers into your ear and go “La la la la la la”, you will always learn new things in life. Science just takes it to a higher level. The search for meaning and reason itself is our purpose in life.

For us, science is more than just part of life. Science is life. There are things in this world that can’t be answered with the universal “Because God made it so”. We’re the ones that find those answers for you.

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3 thoughts on “B2007: Science Is Life

  1. There are things in this world that can’t be answered with the universal “Because God made it so”.

    But Ed.. I’m also a scientist, and I realize that the more I research and find out, the more I am impressed at God’s job, LOL.. Seriously..

  2. I agree with you. As a scientist, we are responsible to finding out the answers for the benefit of all the people out there, not just for ourselves. Science doesn’t disapprove God, but at the same time God cannot be proven with science.

    I have nothing against the theory of God; I just don’t like it when people use God as an excuse or explanation for the unexplainable. Personally, judging from the fact that we have been living the life today thanks to the advancement of science, I would rather put more faith in science than to some unknown Big Brother out there.

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