B2007: Spread The “Joy” Of Metastasis


One thing unique to cancer cells is that unlike normal cells, they don’t attach themselves to each other that easily. In fact, they often lose it’s rigid structure all the same. It is because of this that it is able to squeeze and cross the boundaries between tissues and start invading the surrounding area.

Where there is a malignant tumour that’s spreading, there would probably be blood and lymph vessels around it. Ocassionally parts of the tumour or even a single cell can break off and travel to other parts of the body where if it can find a good spot to grow, it’ll form a secondary tumour. This is called seeding.

This is why in advance cancer, it’s not uncommon to find secondary tumours in places near or along the site of the first tumour. The presence of metastasis is one of the critical components in determining just how bad the cancer is and what kind of treatment should be used.

To put it simply. It’s bad news to know the malignant tumour has metastasised.

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4 thoughts on “B2007: Spread The “Joy” Of Metastasis

  1. So it’s a little like coral reproduction. If a part of a coral breaks off and attaches on the substrate, a new coral will grow from it.. Am I close?

  2. Well I thought coral reproduction involves fertilized eggs that float in the water and if it attaches itself to a solid surface, will start growing. Basically that’s about right.

  3. There are 2 methods of reproduction in corals. The one you described was “sexual reproduction”, which involve gametes and external fertilization. The other one is asexual, which basically produces “new corals” from the breaking of a parent, in simple terms la 🙂

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