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Blogathon 2007: Help Sponsor Today!Halfway through designing a custom banner for a fellow Blogathoner, I realized one important problem with the design. I have absolutely no idea how mainstream BDSM is like. Sure, I know what I see on certain…”educational” clips, but seeing what you know and understanding what you see are completely two different things indeed. It’s certainly something to go through BDSM sites to further understand the culture behind it. Especially when Mel walked into the room with me knee deep in pictures.

But that’s the thing about Blogathon, at the end of the road, it isn’t just about you or your charity. It isn’t just about staying awake for 24 hours. It isn’t about trying to come up with posts every 30 minutes during that time. Blogathon is about opening your minds to things we have never seen let alone believe as a cause to fight for.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the list of people blogging for Blogathon. Take a good look at all the participating bloggers and the charities they are blogging for. I’ll bet you good money there are charities there you have no idea about. I’ll bet you even more money that you don’t know the reasons why some of those charities exist. I know I don’t, that’s why it’s always a surprise to learn.

I mean, take a look at the National Leather Association International Domestic Violence Project which calls to the BDSM community to take lead in reducing domestic violence through education. Before this, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a National Leather Association and even if I did, I would have thought they like leather (well technically they do, just not as you’d normally expect people to). Before this, I didn’t even know that domestic violence affects men as victims too. I always thought that women are always the victims in cases like this. Now after going through the site, I know more about it. And knowing more makes me curious to know more things about people’s perceptions, beliefs and culture.

That’s what it’s all about.

So Blogathon isn’t just about raising money through something us bloggers are very good at doing. It’s about expanding our perceptions beyond the scopes that we are used to. Causes aren’t won by altruism and generosity alone, they are won by understanding what needs to be done and doing what should be done. To open our mind is to give greater reason to our work. It gives us a purpose that while there are things wrong in this world, there are also people willing to do what they can to set those things right again. Whether we support those causes or stand at the sidelines, that is a choice we make with the knowledge we have.

So for those joining Blogathon or even those that just want to know what it’s all about. Take the time to go through those charities. Read what it’s all about and see if you can understand why they do it. You never know when things like that will matter to you or to people you care for in the future. At least by then, you’ll know more about it than you did before.

This year Footsteps in the Mirror will be blogging to raise money for the Association for International Cancer Research which is a non-profit organisation that helps fund cancer research throughout the world. If you’re willing to help, you can sign up on the Blogathon website and pledge your amount right here. Help make a difference, no matter how small it may be.

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6 thoughts on “Blogathon: It’s Not Just About You

  1. I believe there’s also an association of men against violence against women. V-men or something.

    Yes, I realise that my guess at their official name is not helping them any.

    Keep up the good work, Edrei. I fully support anything that sends out the message to STOP THE VIOLENCE. Against women, children, AND men.

  2. Sheena: I have a feeling I might need help from that one day, given the possibility that I’ll turn out to be a henpecked partner. 🙂 It’s always good to know that for every wrong in the world, there are always people afoot to set it right.

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