Blogathon: The Final Pre-checks

Blogathon 2007: Help Sponsor Today!It’s a couple of hours left until Blogathon. I was contemplating on not blogging and instead save whatever juices I have left for those 49 posts. But with so many things to do and so little things to hook up, I might as well run through the final checklist before tonight.

  1. Cancer notes prepared for tonight.
  2. Hair styled and picture taken for Fida’s Blogathon Drive.
  3. Penguins all accounted for.
  4. Pizza’s already ordered.
  5. Water bottles sufficiently filled.
  6. Camera batteries recharged.
  7. Set up webcam.
  8. IRC channel set up and ready.
  9. Interviewed by Sheena for her “Get To Know A Blogathoner” segment.
  10. Last minute push for getting pledges.
  11. Final long nap before tonight.

That’s a whole lot to do on the list and while it seems pretty simple, doing all that and finishing it off with a nap isn’t exactly the easiest thing because it all so time consuming. Either way. I better get some things ready. Hopefully other Blogathoners have their own checklist before the event. No one wants to miss out on things when the event starts don’t they?

I feel like I’m blogged out already.

This year Footsteps in the Mirror will be blogging to raise money for the Association for International Cancer Research which is a non-profit organisation that helps fund cancer research throughout the world. If you’re willing to help, you can sign up on the Blogathon website and pledge your amount right here. Help make a difference, no matter how small it may be.

For more on the Blogathon 2007 series, you can read them below:

6 thoughts on “Blogathon: The Final Pre-checks

  1. Oh my, Ed, I think I have a longer list! As it is, I haven’t even gotten my banana and chocolate cakes, and I haven’t filled up my water bottles! LOL.. (can afford to laugh now)
    See ya in IRC, YM, wherever =)

  2. It’s 1 p.m. here and if I’m right you start in about two hours, right? I just put up a reminder post so people can come visit. Maybe someone will pledge even. Take care and do well. I’ll pop in later again too and advertise a bit on FB, Pownce, Twitter.

  3. I’m so glad to hear someone else couldn’t sleep either. The baby wouldn’t go to sleep, wanted to play finally fell asleep around 4:30 a.m. and woke at 6 a.m., this should be an interesting day.

    Got an hour, making my list now. lol

  4. Homemom: Well, I wanted to change the habit I’ve been doing from the past Blogathons cause I’m usually awake for more than 24 hours. But I just can’t sleep during the day here.

    Thanks Nils. I appreciate that lots. 🙂

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