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Now I haven’t been doing much Blogathon publicity lately because I’ve been up to my ears trying to get my butt off the bed and into whatever I’m supposed to be working on for the day. I know I’m supposed to be on holiday, but duty always calls and for the most part, duty can’t be ignored. Seeing that I do have a little time now, I’d like to take a moment to bring you the good word of Blogathon.

Blogathon 2006 is a charity event where crazy people like myself will spend about 24 hours on the 29th of July at 0600 Pacific Standard Time writing a post for our blogs every half an hour consequtively. It is with hope that this seemingly insane act of mental endurance will help raise money for the charity of our choice.

That’s where you come in.

I would like your help in sponsoring my blogathon pledge for the Association for International Cancer Research. Why? Because cancer is a problem on an epic scale in which its victims are diagnosed without regards to age, gender, race or lifestyle. It strikes even the most unsuspecting innocence mercilessly and as such leaves behind a trail of lost loved ones in its wake. As of 2002, 11 million people each year are diagnosed with cancer in its various forms. 7 million deaths each year or about 12.5% of the world’s mortality is caused by cancer. Research shows that if the trend continues, you could be looking at an estimated 16 million cancer diagnoses annually by the year 2020. Not exactly a pretty picture, but that could be a future predrawn for us.

If it could get any easier, it wouldn’t be much of a problem, but cancer itself isn’t exactly the most user-friendly of all human diseases. The problem is genetic which means that right now, the cure doesn’t come in a pill that you take twice a day. For the most part, cancer is treated removing as much of the growth as possible, whether by surgery, radiation or drugs, to a point where it would not affect the patient. I can tell you one thing about those options, none of them are very pleasant.

With surgery, there is always the risk that not all of the tumours can be removed and some tumours are inoperable. With radiation, there is always the possibility that the treated area might not be successfully treated and it has been known to cause unstable results in certain forms of cancer. With drugs, whose purpose is to target every dividing cell in the body, well that gives the classic vomit and hair loss scenario we all are familar with as it affects both normal and cancerous cells at the same time.

The sad thing is that even if the bulk of the cancer has been removed, there is always the chance that it will come back if even one cancerous cell remains. Battling cancer might be one that will last a lifetime, sadly…it’s not always the patient that wins.

That’s what this charity is about. The Association for International Cancer Research is a non-profit organization which helps fund cancer research throughout the world in the hopes that one day, a better way may be found in the fight against the various forms of cancer. Research isn’t exactly cheap which is why we need every help we can get.

Even if choose not to donate, please help spread the word to others so they can help sponsor this search for hope. Even if you have not been affected by cancer in some way, there might be other people in your life who has been touched by it through family of friends, so know the need for such research to be carried out. Please help become a sponsor and donate by clicking on the link below and signing up. It only takes a few bucks and a moment of your time.

Click here to pledge to the Association for International Cancer Research

Remember, the future is always uncertain and what little we begin to understand of the nature of the enemy may tip the scale in our favour. In a war where it might save the life of those closest to you, I like all the hope I can dig up. At the end of it, here at Blogathon, while we may be staying up late to make a difference, it is in you that will ultimately make a choice to change the world. It’s not really that hard a choice to make.

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