My Own 24: 0000-0100…

Song of the Hour: None

I really couldn’t take it anymore. I was planning on staying all night at Central but it really hurts. I’m actually walking on my way home when I realised I needed to blog this.

So I’m at the side of the road that’s why I’m going to make this fast.

And it’ll give me time to rest my stomach.

She called. She called to tell me I can’t see her tonight. She called to tell me she’s having a good time. She called to tell me she needs to hang up. I called. I called to have another person pick up the phone because she doesn’t want to talk to me. I called only to fall into a small drain. I recieved a call. I received a call from a stranger she met at a bar.

I don’t like this. The pain is just too much and I’m not just talking about my stomach.

It’s hard to walk anyway.

I told you one way or another I’ll bleed tonight.

I didn’t know it was on both accounts.

I think I need to go see a doctor.

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