My Own 24: 0600-0700…

Song of the Hour: Onegai Twins – Second Flight

People think it’s easier to run off into your fantasy world when the chips are down and just live there believing in whatever good they want that the world can’t give to them.

I wish I were them.

One thing about mixing that reality into fantasy is that in the end, I’m faced with the distorted horrors of my own life. To see the things that can actually happen, that may be true. To see the possibilities of what can be.

In short.

I don’t like my dreams.

Oh I like my goals in life, but when it comes to sleeping the dream. I don’t like them one bit. People say I life in a fantasy world that I run off to when I face problems.

If they actually SAW that so called fantasy world of mine, I don’t think they would be willing to say that at all.

No one would want to live in a world that I sleep with.

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Not even the people I hate the most.

Not for a second.

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