My Own 24: 0700-0800…

Song of the Hour: DJ Sammy – Heaven (9-11 Tribute Version)

I did it, I actually did it. Well sort off anyway. I completeted my own blogathon and on a special occassion which is the New Years and it’s not all about I did what at when.

That’s pretty much saying to myself I did good.

If no one congratulates me, I might as well do it myself.

Hard to believe that alot can atually happen in 24 hours anyway. I’m actually surprised. I thought it would eventually degrade into I-did-what-at-when. But it’s when everything is taken into perspective one hour at a time, you do tent to realise that alot can happen in your life.

I think that’s what blogathons are really for.

I mean, what are blogs for but to record or say what is on your mind for that span of time. At least to my opinion.

What if we’re forced to put down and reflect the moment that spans an hour. I think that goes without saying that you would indeed have something to say, something to experience and something to put down at least.

I still can’t believe that’s a whole lot of crap I put down.

But yeah…taking life into perspective one moment at a time does make you appreciate the fact that it is there in the first place. I only have two misgivings about it.

1. I would like to properly post as I write next time.
2. I just…would like to blog about something happier to remember next time.

But then, we take what we can get and we give what we already have. All I have are the memories of the 24 hours of my own New Years. All recorded one hour at a time.

That’s much to say about it.

I think I should try get some rest…but I have got to go cook for New Year’s Dinner right now. Turkey’s don’t roast on their own.

I just hope that you would read this.

I just wish that I could have woken up to see you beside me.

But when all’s said and done, we only live one moment at a time.

Good or bad, we will remember every moment.

I know I will.

With that I end this 24 hours of my life.

And start with a new one right ahead.

Thanks for reading.

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