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I spent the hour doing what I’m paid to do anyway. Writing. It’s nothing much. Just a little pre-New Year’s article. I haven’t really posted it up on the site because I just finished it but if you’re in a reading mood, I’ll just put it up here anyway just for fun.

Think of it as a blog post on it’s own.

Yes it is upon us all. The New Year is here. It’s a brand new spanking season complete with things we won’t know will hit us until the absolutely last minute…or is it? It’s understandable to say that it’s definitely life to hit us with the good and the bad at the same time (eg. Massive life claiming natural disasters during a jolly holiday season).

Then again you can’t expect to sit around and do nothing but wait for the tide to come in can you?

So knowing how I always will walk around in one circle before coming to the point in order to fill this page up, I’d like to talk about our New Year’s resolution.

Or rather why you should actually bother with one.

Ok fine, we’re young, we think we’re invincible at one point. Or if you’re at the other point we think we shouldn’t even bother with life. But the definite truth when it comes to your own existence and the fact that you’re actually sitting down (or standing up) reading this article shows one thing.

Life goes on whether you’re doing something or not.

Now when it comes to things like this, there can only be 2 courses of action that are immediately obvious.

1. Have a goal and do something about it.
2. Don’t have anything to do and live life as it is.

Now I’ve written things like this before many times, but let me relate it to what I’m talking about.

A lot of us take one thing for granted and that is time, but when you think about it, when you sum up 80 or so years of your life into a day by day account. You’re already pretty short on time as it is.

Very short indeed.

So while still thinking about it. Do you spend the rest of life living without any purpose or direction waiting for things and come to sweep you off your feet? Or would you at least try and have some aim for something you want to spend the rest of your life living up to its worth for?

Personally to me, life’s too short to be spent wandering around aimlessly waiting for to bump into something good that may or may not come. The best things in life always have a price tag attached…

Price tags that come with at least some effort on your part.

That’s where your New Year’s resolutions come in.

Try not to think of it as some meaningless passe that everyone does and no one keeps. New Years Resolution is actually a good chance to actually start working on the direction you need to head in life.

Need to be thinner. Seriously fit that in the resolutions.

Need to score the grades later on? Hit the high mark on that one in there.

It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be something dreadfully materialistic for all that is…but it’s still something you want to head towards.

Think of your resolutions as…the things you always return to when you’re feeling lost for the year and I can bet you serious money…there will be times in our lives where we will feel lost somewhere along the years.

The resolutions will keep you straight, true and less bored as long as that is truly what you want in life. After all…doesn’t it feel good to finish a goal let alone pursue it with all your might? People may say it’s how you get there that matters.

Let’s be realistic for the moment.

It’s the finishing it that makes us feel much better. That is not just a reason to have a resolution, that’s a damn good reason to actually finish one as well.

Somewhere in there…you know I have a good point on this one.

So rather than be bored, aimless and not reaching out to what you want. Think about it. Don’t you have something in life you want? Something in life you want to reach towards?

You have all the reason to do it. You have all the reason in the world not to delay. You have your New Year’s Resolution.

Really…think about it even if it is just my two cents worth.

Don’t you think it’s about time you actually start finishing of yours already?

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