My Own 24: 1100-1200…

Song of the Hour: Celine Dion – I’m Alive

Everyone else is going out to eat now. Which leaves the “fishtank” bordering on empty and leaves me a moment of musical silence to think about things. Then again, I don’t think I want to have absolute silence to myself. It’s just that of all things I don’t want the voices to echo back again.

And they have been coming back alot lately.

I don’t know though, I fear so much of being alone yet, I’m constantly placed in situations where I am alone. It’s not enough that I’m surrounded by people. It’s just that even when I am surrounded by people, I still feel remotely isolated.

Save for being with one person.

I think I better stop thinking for now.

It’s hurting the right side of my chest and I’m feeling little bit hard to breath.

Funny…I thought they just fixed the air conditioning.

Maybe I should go out to lunch now.

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