My Own 24: 1500-1600…

Song of the Hour: Dido – Here With Me

I just realised one thing. After 1700 hours I’m actually not going to be home until 7-8 in the morning tomorrow which is officially when this 24 hour, hour by hour ends. Or more specifically I’m not going to have internet access until then. All I have is Sarah which I’m going to drag with me for most of the time in order to blog ever so often.

It’s just that I can’t post it.

I wonder if that actually contests as a blogathon.

No…I didn’t think so too.

Then again…this is completely unofficial anyway. This is so that I can record the 24 hours of my life from today until tomorrow. Maybe when I won’t have so much things to do at once. Nah…you know as well as I do that I do things like this only when I have alot on my mind.

I just wish she would be there with me when I do just that.

I just wish she were here with me right now.

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