My Own 24: 1600-1700…

Song of the Hour: Blessed Union Of Souls – I Believe

It’s…official. This is the start of the lowest point of my day. It just seems that everyone has plans and I’m just not involved in it because they were invited by people I don’t know. So whatever it is…my New Years will start exactly as was said. Either alone or with her…and…from the looks of things.

I’m walking into the new year the same way I’ve always been all the time.

By myself.

A promise is a promise, even if it does seem masochistic or stupid. But…even if I stay at home…it’ll still be the same thing. Here I am advocating that we should all go out there and live life. I’d be a poor example if I stay home and do nothing about it especially on New Years.

So yeah…I’m going to go out there whether or not I have any solid plans.

I’m going to face whatever music that plays and just see what may come.

Because a promise is a promise.

I’m going to see this night through.

Even if it bleeds me in the end.

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