My Own 24: 2000-2100…

Song of the Hour: Plumb – Stranded

There are a few reasons why Foxtrot is one of my favourite funny comics and frankly I don’t see why it’s not that popular with alot of people I know.

1. The youngest son is an eccentric technogeek.
2. The oldest son has a blind girlfriend which he is incredibly sweet to.
3. Its the only other comic aside from Dilbert that uses tech as a form of joke.

Ok…considering it appeals to nerds and technogeeks. I’m starting to see why alot of people haven’t even heard of it let alone bother to read it much.

I suppose I can’t blame them.

But then again…they don’t know what they are missing.

If any of you are reading this. Pick up a copy and read it today. It’s worth reading every bit.

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