My Own 24: 2200-2300…

Song of the Moment: Verve Pipe – Freshmen

Took me a while to find a nice quiet place to blog, but I don’t want people gawking at the fact I have Sarah with me right here right now.

I don’t know what’s wrong though. The pain in my stomach is now starting to become that sharp stabbing pain…which the last time that happened on a constant high hum was when I had my stomach ulcer about 2 months back.

This is not looking good.

The anticipation of waiting for a call that won’t come isn’t adding to my relief from the pain. I know I know…I’m killing myself here. Then again…if you know how I feel around here when she’s not being a pain in the ass. You’d know at once that it’s a shame I’m not always with her.

It’s been said before and I’m betting it can be said again.

I’m just waiting on that next ride and look at things on the brighter side.

To quote a quote from a film legend.

The suspense is terrible…I hope it will last

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