My Own 24: 2300-0000…

Song of the Hour: Steps – It’s The Way You Make Me Feel

Still no reply from her and I hope that it’s the line. I did call her and she did seem to pick up 3 times, but we always got cut off…or…to my fears, she’s cutting me off. I have a feeling that she is starting to cut me off.

The worse part is that I think I need her now more than ever.

This is not the usual kind of pain I’ve been putting up with for the last few weeks. I think this is the ulcer coming back again.

The worse part is that there isn’t a peep from her wishing me anything even though I wished her before.

Not a peep.

Even if I’m not her lover anymore. I’m still her best friend and as far as I remember, friends treat each other with more respect and decency than this cold silence.

This is starting to not look good.

Happy New Year everyone.

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