Things You Wanted To Know About Blogathon

Well, I’ve been getting a few questions lately about what the Blogathon is about and how do pledge your money to it. Well…I would usually say go into their site and just read up the details there. Then again, I’ll save you the trouble of having to read it many many times and go straight to the point. So here are the frequently asked frequently asked questions that I’ve been…well…asked.

What Is A Blogathon?
An event where people update their blogs every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight in order to collect money for the charity of their choice from sponsors who pledge to their blog for the event itself.

Do I Donate Now Or Later?
The purpose of pledging works the same way as any “thon” event. So that by the end of the event, you donate to the charity you chose to pledge to. Also registering, pledging and donating later helps tally up the total amount of pledges from other blogathoners worldwide.

What Do I Do To Sponsor A Blogathon?
Go here. Click on the “Register” under the login box and fill in all the necessary details especially your e-mail address.

After that you can click on an active campaign and enter the appropiate amount. Take note…all pledges are entered in US dollars because of the records the site needs to keep but since we’re most of us are going to be donating in another currency (ie. Malaysian Ringgit) we can convert how much money you want to give to USD at this site.

Finally after choosing whether you want to remain anonymous or not and double checking your amount pledged (note: all pledges are final) just hit submit and that’s that. No fuss and no mess.

It’s that easy.

How Much Do I Need To Donate?
At minimum of course is 1 USD. After all…what’s 1 buck for charity? Then again…if you’re feeling generous. More is always appreciated. Every bit helps. Every bit counts.

How do I pay when the event is over?
You will receive an email instructing you how much to pay and where you can send your payment to the address (online and physical) given. You do not pay or the Blogathoners directly. All donations go directly to the charities.

So there we have it. All the details you need to pledge to the Blogathon charity of your choice. It’s that simple and after pledging…all you have to do is sit back and watch us when we go ahead for one of the longest 24 hours we have ever faced for something we all love and believe in.

For me…all I can say is that I am blogging for the support against one of the most pressing diseases of our century which affects every one of us one way or another. One way or another, some of us have come into contact with cancer and it has affected us in many ways with its hardship and loss.

The Blogathon I’m holding is to pledge to help care for those who have been affected by it. To help ease the pain and prevent further suffering from the genenic plague known as cancer.

Help us make a difference.

Sponsor us for Blogathon 2005.

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