That’s What Love Is All About…

Ever had those days when even though you sat back and did nothing at all…everything just seemed…worthwhile? Somehow that kinda fits for Valentine’s day today. Fine…I’m not a guy loaded with money enough to take his loved one to posh places, neither am I a guy who can spend time these days to make his girl a bouquet of origami flowers (I swear to God…I tried everything I could to make them). I’m just a guy who has only himself to give.

Well it isn’t much of anything for me today. For God’s sake…I had a replacement class today. Metabolic Biochem took out 3 more hours of my time. How sad is that? I was half dozing off in class as always due to his strangely hypnotic monotone voice.

But all that taken aside…all we had was a walk in a supermarket, a movie at home and dinner afterwards. Sounds kinda dull for a Valentine’s day huh? But…it’s NOT. It’s just…perfect. We watched City of Angels while cuddling on the bed. We spent time just…looking at each other. Not a word…just…take a moment to stare into each other’s eyes and just…feel wanted…feel comforted and feel at peace.

Dinner was a good affair too. Worth the price and equally filling. But food is food and it’s the company that matters. I have NEVER had an entire conversation spoken completely in chinese before with her. She felt weirded out alright…hahahaha…must remember to do is some more. Better brush up my chinese, more and more people are starting to think I am chinese. That’s a more or less good thing. At least to me…:)

Anyway…it’s nothing fancy. No thousand flowers, no hundred dollar dinner, no dozen man band. No traffic jams, no crowds and no waiting. Just a hundred kisses, a thousand caresses and a million embraces. Just one boy and one girl, spending time with each other reminiscing the reasons why they are together in the first place. Looking back at the memories of time past and future planned.

That’s what I call the spirit of Valentine’s. Love in itself…and nothing more.

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