180 Degrees…

Imagine a guy who is known for good english, controversial ideology and hard debates. Imagine a guy who is well known for his stubborness and short temper, a guy who is well known for throwing more than just tantrums. Now…imagine the same guy saying things like:

Don’t be like that looor….pweeeese…I anggieeee ahh?

That’s right…cute…of all things in the world. The last thing is for people to expect a person like that to be…cute. In fact for alot of people…it’s downright scary even. Scarier than then temper itself. It’s like seeing a goth suddenly wear pink frilly clothes. You’d expect a rebel to downright wear imposing outfits…but to have them suddenly turn around 180 degrees and wear frilly clothes with soft colours?

People would sooner believe demonic posession before change.

I don’t see why people can be so unnerved when they come across someone going through a 180 degree change. It probably takes some getting used to…but face it, if the change is good. Why not support it rather than play sceptic? Maybe you don’t like it because he can be a better pretender than you are. Does that scare you? It does doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe he sees that it’s something good for himself. Maybe he sees that it’s one of the only few ways he can keep to his promise that the angry, resentful man that he is can be tamed as least, if not removed. What better way than to emmulate the best, what better way than to learn from those who can do it better? You’re a good teacher, you’re better than you know it.

So why does it scare you?

Maybe he can never fully rid himself of the hatred and loathing that he always held fast. But maybe, just maybe…some small miracles do happen after all. Isn’t that a good thing?

What that oo? Don’t look so scared wan laaa. You ok or not oo?

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