Another Kind Of Passion…

It’s WS-Day+9…

There are alot of things in my life I am not proud off. Alot of mistakes I have made that cannot be changed…only remembered. Alot of anger, frustration, doubt and fear for events that I can only look back in despair and horror. These days…for once, I don’t think I’m making a mistake. For once, that right thing I know what to do for the last few months, I’m doing it. For once…I’m choosing happiness over duty.

Would they be consequences? Of course…everything has their price to pay. For people like us, our own happiness is a luxury that comes rarely, but I say it’s about time we took it. They will be other days, other duties and responsibilities to attend to, but is it so wrong to take the opportunity that you have, to seize the moments of your life and live in them not as the outsider of another life?

No it isn’t.

Maybe in society today, in the parochial white collar suits and policy bound bureaucracy, duty and responsibilities should always come first. Actions for the better of others that often eat through the soul of the person who must undertake those actions. Actions done over and over again until it becomes a meaningless constant whose main purpose has been lost after countless repetition.

You see that all the time, the 9 to 5 jobs we work in, the religion we worship, the marriages we consumate, the lives we lead. How many of them are truly that which we seized for ourselves? How many of that which said “This makes me happy…it’s not my social obligation, it’s not my duty to. But it’s my choice to take and I choose that which makes me happy despite what I’m going to go through.

Passion for living. That’s what we’re missing in this world. The right to choose to live our lives the way we should, maybe not all the time. That’s the beauty of passion, you don’t have to be too carefre, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life living everything on your own impulse. All it takes is one choice, one desire, one love, a job, a person, an object, a future, a dream, a life.

Any God damn thing you desire. It doesn’t matter that we’re suffering…it matters that all that suffering has a payoff in the end, something we work off…to seize…to live for…to choose to be happy on our own terms.

Don’t spend the rest of you life being a slave to what you can do for others. Just spend at least one chance in your life working for the one thing you desire most for yourself. You will earn it. You have earned it.

I can see my path again…I finally can see where I’m finally going. It’s going to get a whole lot brighter at the end of the tunnel. That’s what I choose…

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