A Guilty Conscience…

Ever done something you know is so wrong and so mean…but yet you feel absolutely nothing about it? Better yet…you can sleep at night guilt free without a worry in the world. Somehow…that can happen. Would that make anyone of us bad? Maybe…maybe not. Would that make us any less human? Probably so…but I guess it depends on the situation too.

I had lunch with an old net friend today…in real life. Very nice conversation…one I haven’t had in a long long time. All about perceptions, relationships, illusions and just…life itself. I haven’t had that deep a conversation in real life for a long time. I kinda miss it…those conversations, debates and exchange of ideas that can go on for hours on end. I realise that I just really haven’t had the opportunity to expand my mind on it…ironically ever since I entered University…:)

To think I wonder WHY my parents MUST insist that my conversations with my friends must involve studies all the time? Can’t they for once at least think that a person MUST have conversation outside the scope of studies? And they call all people who don’t talk about their studies weird. WIERD!! My goodness!! I have absolutely nothing I can say about it cause…there is absolutely nothing I can say. It’s too ridiculous to even imagine.

Uuurrgh…they are days when I just have to bite my lip and stand the insanity of my parents. Then again…I guess I have to think of it good. I do get my finance for them if that’s all I get. Got to make the best of what we have no matter what it is.

I got to retire to bed early anyway. Make sure this cough heals fast. From the rate of it…I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon…which worries me alot…way lot.

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