A Little Quickie…

Alright…I don’t think I can think of much to put on my blog for a while. I’m right in the middle of some exams so all available brain cells are assigned to it. All I can say is that this site can be pretty much done for now, but it’s temporary…I think. Going to smooth out alot of interfaces here and there, maybe do a little touch up on the pics and hopefully turn this into a full fleged blog with all the figures.

The trick is making it professional while keeping it really simple. Now that’s not my forte. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration on the way. Who knows. Right now though, I’ve got math to buck up. If not, I’m pretty much screwed anyway.

So here’s to a good paper. May the questinos be easy and the examiners be leanient. It’s time to rock and roll.

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