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Finally…I’ve been waiting about a year for it and it’s finally here. The 12th installment of my favourite series. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter by Laurel K. Hamilton. Surprisingly…with all the books I’ve read…this is one book I would be willing to do anything to get. So in 20 days…hopefully I can get my hands on the book as well…with it’s catchy new title.

Incubus Dreams.

Anyway…I’ve mentioned Anita Blake before in my blog and I’ve tried so many times to get other people to read it…with…limited success. I don’t know. Come on. Have you ever heard of the phrase “Do not judge a book by its cover?” That should be applied to some people I’ve been talking to but that’s another story for another day.

This is one book no one should misjudge.

Fine…the sentence Anita Blake Vampire Hunter kinda reminds you of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I swear to you…this isn’t really meant to appeal to the younger fad dwelling masses. This is a book that puts a realistic feel to an otherwise fictional world. This is a book that can make you go “wait a minute…that sounds like me.“. The problems, the emotions, the solutions are a practical reflection to a dark world we already live in.

Knowing how I am…that’s got to account for something.

Let’s give you a good idea on what the book is about.

Anita Blake Universe puts you in a world where the preternatural is acknowledged by the normal population. A world where magic and science mix with explosive results. Until recently, Vampires and Shapeshifters are now a legal additon to the human world where they can work, own business, marry, and have any other legal rights as any other citizen. The thing is…nothing is really perfect. As always many people are still prejudiced against non-humans…including Anita Blake herself who used to hunt vampires before they were legal.

Now Anita Blake, an animator who raises dead for money (usually for legal purposes), is an official licensed Vampire Executioner who has the authority to execute vampires should any of them break the law enough to warrant a termination order. She is now forced to deal with her own prejudice and reexamine the definition of a monster as she walks into a world that blurs the distinction between both.

Where humans are worse than the monsters she used to kill.

Anita Blake exibits a tough petite character who has a soft shell when she decides to show it. She is practical and a bordering sociopath that hunts and kills without regret or guilt. Yet…she is compassionate and caring, she never leaves her friends behind and never stops helping strangers in need with the things she knows the best.

Her gun and her ability to rain hell.

Yeah…in short for those who know me. She’s my kinda hero.

The series isn’t just a whodunit. It also takes you to explore her love life (which I love the best), her friends (whom one I really try to shape myself after), her own personal self and conscience as she seemingly fights one problem after another. If you love the world of Vampires and Wereanimals, this is the book for you. If you love a world of blood, sex and death, this it the book for you. If you love a world with a complicated and interesting love life.

Yup…this is the book for you.

There are 12 books in all which have to be read in order for you to really enjoy it.

1. Guilty Pleasures
2. Laughing Corpse
3. Circus of the Damned
4. The Lunatic Cafe
5. Bloody Bones
6. The Killing Dance
7. Burnt Offerings
8. Blue Moon
9. Obsidian Butterfly
10. Narcissus in Chains
11.Cerulean Sins
12. Incubus Dreams

I hope anyone who reads this has already read the book or if not…would consider reading it in the first place. The book has taught me alot about life really not because it’s fiction…but because there is a certain level of practicality to it. Something that I appreciate more than anything else.

So…what are you waiting for?

Go read it.

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