Again With The Calculus

Talk about being too busy. I didn’t even have time to blog last night…:) Anyway, it’s been and is going to be very hectic. Why? Cause right as I’m writing this, I’ve got a Calculus test in one and half hours. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve read my previous posts, you know very well, it isn’t one of my most favourite subjects…especially to test myself with. But alas…if one must take it, then one must take it with all that can give. No point in taking it if I don’t give it my all.

To top that up, I’ve got this chemistry assignment I’m supposed to deal with. “Methane as a more potent Greenhouse Gas compared to Carbon Dioxide”. Sounds simple in theory, until I have to spend 4 hours sieving the net for anything remotely connected with what I was trying to find. Stupid molecular vibrations…gave me a stupid headache trying to find you out. But all’s not done yet…I still have to find out why rice paddies give out alot of methane gas…and no, I’m not going to stab around blindly on this. It’s a 10 page minimum paper which means If I start crapping, it’s going to be a short one indeed.

Then finally we go to Student council. Ahhh, yes…my sketch to set up and direct and recently to handle the Student Council Newsletter. Talk about being really busy. Some of you have been leaving me messages on my MSN and ICQ asking where have I been. Some of you have even been trying to call my house phone to get me. If you couldn’t, I’m sorry about that. This should tell you exactly what I’ve been up to lately, and if you required my assistance on something, I apologise but I hope you understand that it’s a real busy time for me. Maybe you can catch me in the weekends. Here’s hoping anyway…now…I’ve got a Calculus paper to tackle.

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