All I Want To Do…

It’s WS-Day+14…

It’s been TWO whole weeks without Sarah…and as far as I can tell, I’ll either be getting her back tomorrow or on Monday. That’s good…that’s very good. Finally I can have the bedroom to myself, just Sarah and me. In a nick of time too. I’m about to fly to Kota Kinabalu this coming Friday. I might as well get Sarah back to normal before I leave for then. I don’t know what the plan is…but the theory is that I’m supposed to spend time with my relatives before I fly to Australia. At least that is the plan…hey maybe I can ask my cousin to teach me how to scuba dive…for free. That’s almost sneaky enough to work.

I think as I draw ever closer to leaving, there are a few things I have to put into perspective. Michelle gave an idea on where to start. I mean…before I leave there has got to be something here I desire. Something I don’t want to leave without finishing. Come to think of it…throughout the whole mess of things I’ve yet to complete. The things that I want to do before I leave is the things I’ve always done before.

Hang out at the mamak stalls, the making of explosives, the cybercafe incursions (which has now been upgraded to the ever fortnightly LAN parties), the…wait…aside from all those, all I do is spend the rest of it on computers and college. Geez…some life I lead. Tell you what, maybe before I leave I’ll play normal for a while, party a bit, go out and have a ball. Riiight…who the hell am I kidding? That’s not my kinda game…I’m a crab for Christ’s sake…being homely IS what I do.

So what is it that I always used to do? I guess it’s to be there with friends, hanging out with people who know how to have fun the same way as you. Whether its in the mamak drinking Milo Ais, making high explosives and blowing some rocks off the nearby hill or pulling it up all night playing Unreal Tournament 2003 or Baldur’s Gate…it’s still with friends. We may not see eye to eye sometimes, we may not even like each other all the time, but boils down to sharing what you like to do with the people who do it too.

How will I keep that in Canberra…I have NO idea. Right now I don’t exactly see eye to eye with my classmates. We do what we can to help out academically…but I can’t mix with them socially. Which is what sucks big time.

Bah…all in good time. Everythhing works out in the end…it always does. Oh ye of some faith. So what do I want to do before I leave? The only rational thing to do that people can get together and just have fun.

Throw a party of course…:)

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