All Is Pork Before The Blogathon…

There are days when you need to take a break from your current state of mind and just let yourself go without caring what happens to you. Today is one of those days for me. It’s probably usual for me to wake up early in the morning provided I have something to do.

Having a BBQ at 9 in the morning is not one of those usual things.

But it happened anyway.

I mean, I seriously can’t complain of being alone everyday and not do anything about it. I might as well get my butt off my bed and join people when they ask me to. Doesn’t mean I won’t have that dreaded feeling of being alone even when you’re in a group…but at least this time I can say I made an effort to have fun…and I did.

Here is the best way to sum up that morning BBQ brunch thingy.

I have never had so much pork in my life.

I’m serious. I have NEVER EVER in my life had so much pork on one sitting ever. It’s a lucky thing the gardens where we had our BBQ were quite a distance from the bus stop because at this rate, I probably have enough cholesterol in my blood to give me a heart attack. Knowing my family history of high blood cholesterol…I’m just surprised I haven’t ALREADY had a heart attack while chunking down barbequed pork chops sandwiched between bacon and bread.

That in between directing Matrix-like scenes, ordering tall dark ice-blended mochachino latte with stuff on top, embarrassing photoshoots in a group and getting hands slobbered over by donkeys and kangaroos. You can pretty much guess that it probably is one of the better days that I have had so far these past few weeks.

Unfortunately though I don’t have all the pics with me right now because I had rush to catch the early bus home while the rest of them amuse themselves with how cute a colony of guinea pigs are. I would have stayed and contributed my vocal “oohs” and “awes“, but I don’t think I was having that much fun to go that far…so the pictures are still with the rest of them.

All in all…come to think of it. So much can happen in the space of a few hours. I wonder what I can come up with in the space of one hour seeing that my 48 hour blogathon begins tonight at 0000 hours April 6th Wednesday GMT +1000…which means while I start at 0000 here. You people (assuming you are Malaysians) will be reading it at about 10-11 at night.

I think I’ll have to grab the camera off my friend.

I think I have to stock up on caffiene.

I think I have to tell the rest of you that I AM having a blogathon starting tonight.

Time to ping it.

7 thoughts on “All Is Pork Before The Blogathon…

  1. Yeah I am going to ping everyone at PPS. I just hope people aren’t going to be pissed about it though. 

    Posted by Edrei

  2. Actually…I always planned to do it again after the one I did during New Years. Just that this time, I’d do a proper one. 

    Posted by Edrei

  3. Stocking up on caffiene now. But caffiene can’t push me past 24 hours. Usually it’s a legendary will of mine that keeps me up for that long…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  4. hmmmm…….I think stocking up on nescafe is better……at least i know it is better than normal coffee… ;) 

    Posted by KLJS

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