All The Things I Saw…

It’s WS-Day+11…

Now I don’t have a camera with me right now, so for now lets just put everything to imagination.

These days I keep staring at the views that pass me by. Everyday I’d be looking at the sunrise over the mountains from my way to college, then ending my college day going back home staring at the silhouettes of the KLCC Twin Towers and KL Tower against the KL backdrop. Often enough by that time it’ll either be evening or just hazy enough for it to look..well…enigmatic to say the least.

I might be getting an older camera later, but it’s still good enough. I’m no photophile, but I do appreciate beauty to be captured when I do see it (seriously…I really do). When I do get it, one more addition to my blog would be…you guessed it…a photoblog. Yeah…another thing to work on, but the layout should be just the same. Just some coding here and there to make it a little more user friendly.

But what’s the point of all this you say? Nothing much…I was just thinking. I pass by at least 2 breathtaking sights almost every day and yet for the past year I have never paid ANY attention to them at all. When I brought up the subject of living forever, this was what I envisioned. Living long enough to explore and appreciate the simple every day beauties we often take for granted. From the smallest atom to the largest supernova. From the ant on the table to the tree on the tree (yes there IS such a thing).

People spend their lives wrapped up in their own world too short sighted to see things beyond themselves. Trapped in the cycle of repetition that blinds us to the simple answers and the simple things that could make our lives so much easier. So when they finally do awaken from their own private world, they begin to realise all the things they miss. See all the sights they could possibly see and experince in a whole new way. Things like even licking on a lollypop can have a whole new meaning if people can just tweak their mindset just a little bit.

I don’t know…I’m the guy who looks at his hand when he has nothing to do. Wondering what it would be like to have the hand of another, see life through the eyes of another. Experience all that is to experience from infinite perspectives in infinite possibilities.

So…here is to the things I missed seeing throughout all the years of my life. May I see them again in a whole new light and may I also have my camera there when I do see them. Cheers…

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