Am I Getting A Memo…

You know…one sign that has been repeating again and again for the last 24 hours is about religion. As far as the better of you know, I’m not religious for certian very logical and philosophical reasons, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the logic of religion to the “lost” souls of the world. Also it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that there isn’t a God, which I know for a scientific fact there is a God, just not the way they discribe in the Holy Texts. Ok ok, now before some of the more religious of you come again and post things in my comments or decide to hunt me down to crucify me or stone me to death or worse, send an evangelic message to my doorstep. Let me explain myself.

For the past 24 hours, I’ve had 3 people ask me for my opinion why Religion is a hindrance to a better future? Coincidance? Maybe, but hear me out first. In all cases they tend to agree on my points. Then…on a lighter note is the fact that I notice some mighty religious people seem to be visiting my page. Why? I have NO idea, but the comments are slightly unnerving. I thought I was done with these things…but apparently not.

So why this sign now? What is God trying to tell me? To be religious? No, if so…the message would have come far sooner and the effects far more devestating. So far talking to The Big Dude my way has been nothing but rewarding and highly enlightening on an intellectual and philosophical scale. The only thing I can think off is prepare. It’s always about prepare and reflect. Like something is coming and we need all the knowledge we can get. No I don’t think the end is niegh yet, but as far as I can tell…something hard for all of us. A fall perhaps. Who knows. I’m the the interpreter of the messages and evidance, doing the best I can to make sure I understand it well and react to it. But since I don’t have the capacity to comprihend the Big Dude’s actions (and neither does anyone else), I’m just stabbing blindly in the dark here.

That’s what was on my mind anyway. Maybe if it’s deadly important, they’ll be more signs for me to interpret. I’m just keeping my eyes open and my head clear of biasness. I’m a scientist at heart, what can I say…one must always keep an open m ind about everything…even if it’s about the divine. How else can we learn right?

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