An Addict With A Reason…

Now this is really pushing it. It has been about 3 days without being online and I know I was bordering on insanity there. I know it would seem really funny not being able to use the net when you’re about to finish your assignments and report. But come on…the final exams are closing in. For a university that relies on its electronic forums for so much detail and information.

This is a bit too much.

Yes yes…you know I don’t go online just to check my bills or exam marks or anything to do with university. Yes yes…I know 3 days without going online to blog or do anything I usually do online is a bit sad…and pathetic at most. But…being online. Well…what’s the best way to put this.

It’s the only thing left of my social life.

I’m serious.

I mean, you take away the TV for me and I can live with it. I have been living without the TV for quite some time now and it’s been a walk in the park really. Not quite like I would expect in myself…being so attached to certain shows and all. But…you take away Sarah and the net and I would go absolutely nuts in a short time.

It would be akin to a drug addict experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms at the risk of physical harm to himself. That’s what I feel being so far from the both of that.

Yes it is sad is it not?

In a world filled with technology, I have become the epitome of the tech-dependant blue-collar individual. I am neither rich, yuppie-like and metrosexual nor do I live in a cave and think that the fire is the work of the devil. I am simply a product of the late 20th century technological revolution. The photosentitive city slick casually dressed technogeek with glasses and a laptop in a backpack.

In the world of social clonning. This is the one true sin I have to say for myself.

I suppose, everyone has their social niche somewhere in this world. Only a very few people would have a class of their own…but that’s a different story. This however…being online is the only way I have to be as sociable as I can. It may not be much…but under alot of circumstances, it would seem to be the only thing I’m left with to do.

Which is why I’m thankful for it.

Which is why I hate the fact that I’ve been offline for more than a day.

Then again…I am thankful that I still have Sarah who’s been cranky lately but giving me something to as always to get me through the tough times. But I suppose if I’m taking steps to change the way my social life is played out. I guess that is a good thing as well.

I don’t know.

Success or not. I’ll still be the technogeek with glasses and a laptop filled backpack who’s afraid of the sun. I guess it’s where I put my chips on in life that allows me to make the best of things. I have my eccentric quicks as ALL people that know me put it so mildly. I always seem to have a class and world of my own. But when you put it down to the world we know it…this is the person who I am at first sight.

Maybe that’s the best place to start for something I want in life.

It may not be the best place to start.

But knowing my life so far, it would always be enough.

I could not ask for more.

Except of course…for a stable net connection.

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