And Watching Me Go “Wow”

I think the words “Oh My God” is exactly what I can use to discribe Matrix: Reloaded. I mean…I have pretty HIGH expectations of the movie, but I never imagined it to be THIS good. Ok, so I was wrong about everything that is supposed to happen. All I can say is…no there is no other One, no one else humanly can change the Matrix like Neo. But…not all is what it seems. I was right to watch the first movie over and over again, otherwise I would have missed out one of the most bone chilling realisations of this movie.

Hell, this movie is a gold mine for those who are the philosophy-hearted. This movie packs a punch that screams MUST-WATCH-MANY-MANY-TIMES because if you don’t, you’d miss alot of thought provoking ideas in this movie. Cause and effect, the illusion of choices, the meaning of control. It’s all there….what’s real and what’s not.

Tell you what, right now…I’m pretty tired. I felt like I’ve just ran the marathon and lost and have people later beat me up. I’ll definitely continue this tomorrow. Right after I come back from my University. Dang…I didnt evenfinish my script yet. Oh well, Ive got time tomorrow, I’ll just slap something together in an instant. It’s worked before. I’m no Neo but hey…Ive got my own gifts too…:)

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