Another Time Perhaps…

Did hell decide to take a holiday upstate or something? I was hanging out at my usual spot today and for some reason it felt 3 times hotter than normal. I mean it seriously was so hot, I couldn’t stop sweating my body fluids away. Even at home, I’m half tempted to strip down to barely nothing because the heat itself here in my room is giving my migrane a run for its money. I can’t even sit down properly without my head feeling compressed.

While going through my Band of Brothers collection today, I was dreaming what it would be like if I was placed in the same position and condition those men were in. Men who volunteered for a regiment never before tested at that time because if ever they were caught in a sticky place, the man beside them would be the best. Men who endured from day one of their boot camp to the drop off on D-Day to the hellish barrage of Bastogne and Foy to the end of war itself. Men who stuck together through thick and thin, brothers in blood and peace, stuck till the very end.

I mean…when you look at it that way and compare ourselves to what we go through now. It isn’t hard to imagine yourself in those situation, free of the trials and complexities that we built ourselves up today. It was a different time, a different era. A time when men who looked like they weren’t old enough to shave were drafted into a war in another continent only to die or suffer a fate worse than that. Where life or death lived within a space of a heartbeat. Where scars that they suffered doesn’t have to be ones of bullets or shrapnel. Where men had the chance to fight for something bigger than themselves, whether for a loved one or their country, whether for their children or their parents. A time where the best and worst in people could be so obvious, whether they were heroes or cowards, leaders or followers.

It all boiled down to a time of simplicity…a time when the whole world was at war. How ironic that a world that many of us won’t mind the people in it would be a world full of death and destruction.

If there was a previous life, maybe I was a soldier killed during those times. Maybe I was a fresh replacement killed on the first day of his tour. Maybe I was a platoon leader who sacrificed his life to get his men out of the line of fire. Maybe I had a girl waiting for me when I got home, only to instead recieve a letter of my untimely death. Maybe I stashed some booty from my spoils of war before I got killed and it still remains hidden till this day. Maybe my headache is affecting more than I think…

Either way…I think I would have fit in nicely in those times. I don’t know how…but I guess I don’t see (aside from the constant impending forecast of death) anything wrong with those times. At least I can say its a time where I can have good reliable people watch my back as I would with them.

That’s to say…much better than what we have right now these days isn’t it?

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