Apathy Pays Off

Sometimes it just pays to be a apathic cold blooded individual with empathy towards others. For awhile now I’ve been on probationary standing for my University’s Student Council. Now it seems that a little efficent, wise-ass attitude has paid off. My first major project which I somehow was elected for and seconded is now to coordinate my University’s Orientation Program and Freshmen Camp, which kinda puts me and another person in a position of mass responsibility (in other words click on people’s heads and tell them what to do).

The thing that makes me feel good is that my rival and also the most annoying person I know just happens to be right under me, not that it would do any good. But hearing that he actually had to ask for the position rather than being offered (I wasn’t there when they had that meeting) even though I know he’d been trying to suck up to the council before that by doing alot of jobs for them is just too good not to appreciate. But now I’m Program/Project Manager who manages and troubleshoot projects at hand and he’s in Logistics which apparently supposed to be doing the physical work that are assigned.

Not to jinx it and all, but it just reinforces the idea that it pays to be cool about things rather than being well…normal. Well…doesn’t matter now, all that matters it the project. Got to draw up the ideas how to set everything straight and coordinate the tasks. Business before pleasure as they say. At least I know that I’m on the right path of things, life just balances it out that way.

On a smaller note at hand, while I care not to comment on the Iraq War. My friend noticed something remarkebly similar about President Bush and Shaddam Corrino IV who if you’d read Brian Herbert’s prequel to the Sci-Fi bestseller Dune. Not to be insulting to the people who support the war, but it bears remakable similarity to how Corrino (who later was crowned Emperor) attacked House Richese and obliterated the moon Korona because he think there is a spice hoard there, when he was only going after the spice. I’m not going to go into details on how this resembles the Iraqi War, but you take your pick on it.

Interesting how stories can emmulate real life so well. Either that or we now know that George Bush is a avid fan of Dune. Now that’s an interesting thought…:)

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