April’s Fool

Today is the beginning of April Fools day. As I type this, many people around the world are beginning their insidious and deviously fiendish plots to make complete asses of their targets. I for one have a few things planned but it won’t be as ingenius as it was last time. Let’s just say that it involves the classics. Hope it all works out alright. I do hope my mind will be on high alert today. I’m still groggy from the lack of sleep. Hope I get enough rest tonight.

Speaking of April Fools, it got me thinking. Why does everyone jump to conclusions so fast? People always see what is in front of their eyes, but never beyond that. It’s great for playing tricks on someone, but in general, it just makes a big mess out of things. When you say something…especially when you’re not talking in real-time, people tend to misunderstand you then start making critical judgements. Why is that?

Maybe it’s the fault of the writer for stuffing too much information into one place and leaving the finer important details out. Maybe the reader just accepts the face valuee of things and never asks why. Either way…it’s a deadly cocktail. I say this because I’ve got people saying they prefer talking to me in person (or rather in real-time) than looking at things I post. It’s like I give the illusion that I’m the holier-than-thou type when I do have posts like this, but they seem to inclined to agree that I’m a pretty decent guy when it comes down to just…talking. Does this apply to other people as well? Or just to me?

Sometimes you have to wonder…how far a face you can place in real life. How truthful can you be to yourself and not be scorned by others. Wouldn’t it be easier to just…have people accept you for who you are and make the best out of you rather than condeming you and placing judgement on the worst qualities that you have? Of course…that’s wishful thinking. If that were the case, there would be no such thing as Wars, Hate wouldn’t exist anymore and the world would be a better place. For a world who so wants peace, people sure pick the qualities that so breed wars. Talk about hypocrasy and irony.

Anyway…another day, another dollar. However today should be something alright. Time to get soem bedrest because come morning, I’m ready to rock and ride. As they say, the game’s afoot, so don’t lose your shoe.

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