Are You Comfortable…?

How do you deal with something new? How do you face a world where you are unfamiliar with all that is around you? How would you open yourself up to a world where you are torn from your comfort zone? How long would it take for you to just start to feel comfortable with your surroundings again?

How long until you feel safe with what you have?

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve been here. My post-departure melancholy has been over for quite a while. I have started to hang out with my dorm mates on a limited but fruitful time. I even have an open door policy which everyone in the dorm seems to adopt. Which…technically means leaving the door open whenever you’re in the room. Screw security…people here don’t seem to steal your stuff. Everyone respects your goods and equipment. If you want to use someone else’s stuff…we make sure we clean up after ourselves.

It’s just common sense.

So…yeah. I have made this my third home. A house away from home. A place I can stay comfortably for a while will I’m home in your arms again. Yeah…I’m settling in nicely…which is far than I can say the rest of my classmates are handling. That’s what worries me.

I know you told me to be sociable. I’m trying and you’re right. It does feel much better. I still miss you alot. I still think of you everytime some of them kiss and hug. But I don’t mind. Missing you just tells me one thing…that I love you…and I want to be with you.

But I’m digressing here.

Of all things, the rest of my classmates have yet to feel entirely too comfortable with their surroundings…and from what I hear from others…that’s not a good impression. For the most part, alot of them do not mix around with the rest of their dorm mates. They keep to their own group. They constantly speak in chinese. They rather hang around in their rooms or each other’s rooms rather than go out and hang in the common room with the rest.

Now this might work in say…back home because well…dispite the fact you stick with your own group. They are Malaysians all around you. This time…you’re the minority. You’re in a different land with different people. If you don’t reach out to them…how are you going to survive when the chips are down?

I mean…think about it. Why else would you go overseas to study if it isn’t for the experience of another culture? What good is being overseas if all you do is hold up in your own room sticking to your own culture with the excuse that you’re sticking to your own roots.

Come on…wake up will ya?

You’re not going to forget where you came from JUST because you started to mingle around with people who are not your own culture. You are not going to turn into a beer drinking party animal just because you hang out with the bunch of them (though I still say that being that every once in a while ain’t bad). You are not going to be at a loss by opening yourself up to the hospitality of others.

You are not going to lose yourself by being with other people different than you.

If they continue to do this, all they are doing is giving the impression of being…well…isolated and alone for the next few months will they be treated that way. I’ve made that mistake before. I know how it feels like to be alone, away from others because I imposed my own…self-isolation to protect myself. I know what it’s like.

I just hate to see the same thing to happen to others.

I don’t know. Last time…I hated the fact I could never get along with my classmates. I hated the fact that it may have been my fault. But maybe now…I don’t think I’m the one at fault already. Now I don’t think I’m at a loss. I know my place and even if the years of isolation has taken its toll. But I know I have someone to has my back. I know that there is someone that knows I’m doing the right thing by being out here with a bunch of crazy drunks.

I have you.

In the world out here so strange and yet comfortable. I know I have you by my side always. So have I reached my comfort zone? Yeah. You know why? Because my comfort zone isn’t built on where I stay or what I own. My comfort zone isn’t built on what I do or how I live.

My comfort zone is in knowing you’re always here with me.

Whether we’re thousands of miles apart.

You’re here in my thoughts.

You’re here in my heart.

You’re here in my soul.

That is something nothing can ever take away.

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