Ashes Reborn…

Is darkness a pre-requisite for light? Is pain really necessary before you can understand joy? Is hatred a face to live through before you can understand love? Does anything really have that much of a price to pay before you can savour its sweetness? Where does it say that the price should equal or greater than what we want?

I know you’re confused. I know you’re constantly wandering around in the face of the world wondering why life is giving you a hard time. The truth is…if you’re going around wondering that…then life probably hasn’t even begun to give you hard time yet. It’s hard to be placed in a position where you sit in the middle. Aimless and without purpose…without goal. I should know…

I’ve been there before.

A lot of us have been there before in fact. We walk the open road without fear. Without doubt. Able to reach out as far as our infinite and fragile thoughts take us. Until…we hit a wall we cannot seem to cross. Until we fall into an abyss we cannot seem to get out from. Then everything changes.

The world we know it becomes a shattered image of what it once was. The reality we live in becomes but a fairy tale, a fable that exists only in the minds of those so young. No matter how much you put together, no matter how much you put in those broken pieces of your former existence…nothing is quite the same.

So that’s just it isn’t it?

That’s where you can either stop or begin anew. If anything, for me at least…life…a new life has always been defined through pain and suffering. The endless optimism and determination has always been born through the fall into the abysmal darkness. You can either dwell on the fragments of the past which you will constantly doubt and wonder…or you can choose to rebuild a new image, forged from the melted parts of the previous whole.

It is an endless cycle.

We are born into an ignorant bliss and later be introduced into a twisted darkness. It is only the natural order of things. Generation after generation, we have failed to realise that life is simply giving us a choice. A choice to choose between a light, a dark and a grey. A choice between a joy, a sadness and a contentment. A choice between an order, a chaos and a peace. There is always a choice, whether we see it or not.

Like it or not, our reality is redefined by the things we have seen, our choices realised by the experience we have been through. Sometimes to rise higher than we already are…we have to risk our own reality. Sometimes to come out better than you already are, we have to risk understanding new definitions of pain and suffering. Like the legendary phoenix…which is reborn from it’s own ashes. Even we are reborn from the ashes of our own mental fire.

So that’s just it. All I’m saying is that sometimes you have to take a walk out into that depressing unknown. Sometimes you have to face a unspeakable horrors. Sometimes you have to spill a little blood before you are given a choice to choose the life you always wanted.

I’m not going to lie to you. In the end…you will have to walk that road alone. But take comfort in knowing that we have made it across. That there is a good out of all that you will endure. That even though you walk alone…we will always be there all around you…waiting and cheering…until you have walked out of the crucible.

It’s time to take your control.

It’s time to start walking that road.

It’s time to make your own destiny.

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