Backing Up The Old Life

After getting about half of my systems up and running…I found the time to redo my blog. Good thing too, if I didn’t start now…I don’t think I would have started at all. I’m still anxious to get most of my system settings, movies and music back from her system. I feel bad using her system to save all my files…but I feel even worse that its there in the first place. I got alot of documents that shouldn’t be read by anyone at all (to anyone reading this, don’t even think of trying to find her to get it from her).

I was hanging out with my old high school mates recently. One of the few things in life where you can talk about everything and nothing at all at the same time. One of things that was brought up got me thinking…how much would I miss home when I’m gone. Of course I’m dying to go live my life out there….but I’d always come back to the place where I grew up with in the end. The times when I climbed the hill to think about life to the milo ice that I so love. From my first crushes to my first true loves. You can’t replace that no matter how much success you have in another place. Home is where you’ll always be.

Hehe…enough reminiscing. Time to snap out of it. Got lots to do today. So I’ll start by actually sleeping…thats a work load cut out for me…:)

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