Bad Coding

Well here we go again. When you want to make your page a little better, something goes amiss and it all goes to hell. Why can’t I get cut a little slack here? While I’m doing this in college, I guess I’ll have to wait to go home to get it done again. I don’t really know for sure what the heck is wrong. Either the server is giving me hell, or my coding is crap. With my track record…I’m guess it’s both.

We all can’t be winners…something my collegemate told be recently. I asked her why not? She said because that’s the way it is. Well…I’ve always thought…is it really that way? Ok, so we can’t win 100% of the time, but then…I’m guessing the numbers are less off than people think. We can win alot more than we think, just that we either don’t see that or we use all our options in making sure we get things done.

Sometimes I think whoever said that “winning isn’t everything” or “Doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” is either very phlematic, or is a person that loses too much. I don’t know…for me, it’s always the drive foward that counts, the win, the kill, the coup de grace of the final blow. When I take a blow, I get up and fight again…might not be the same way I fought before, but still fight. That’s all that’s really worth in life…the victories whether big or small that make you life have a little more meaning.

At least when I go down to the good night, I go down with a fight…with a legacy that will burn in the dying of the light.

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