Bad Moon Rising

Of all the things we’d probably wonder in the course of our lifetime is, why do bad things happen to us? I know it’s part of reality…and as far as reality goes, whatever happens to us is purely coincidental and very chaotic in nature. But is it? Is it just the Chaos theory at work? Random wrong things happening at the right moment? Of all the thing that happens in all our lives, is it really blind “luck”? First came this little War in Iraq. Then comes this Mutated Pneumonia known as SARS which just so happen is an outbreak on a global scale, now comes Death, Suffereing and Torment everywhere I turn to people I know.

Why is this? Has anyone of you tried to make sense of it? See any pattern anywhere? I don’t know, I’m swamped with collateral damages of some recent events lately like the recent suicide of Hong Kong Star Leslie Cheung. Alot of friends I know are heartbroken or even torn by it. But the timing of it…it’s something isn’t it? All I can think of is that the timing of recent events are messages to the world. Some of you know me would know these are signs for something bigger. If I was any more religious, I would be screaming bloody end of the world. But fortunately I’m not and I’m a scientist at heart so I say facinating events.

In that case, to me, it’s telling us one thing. Either we triumph in this hard times or we fall…broken by reality. This world is a sucky place and I for one refuse to let it run my life. Sure…it’s all out of my control, but reality of it…it’s what I do to the things that happen to my life in my world around me that makes it my destiny right? This is my life, I choose to run it the way I see fit, otherwise why else would I be living?

Well, whoever reads this…think about it. So the world has become one cesspool of garbage. We all knew that a long time ago. Now is time we take control of our lives and not let life take control of us. To hell with anyone who stands in our way.

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