Bane Which Is Calculus

Well, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The test was alright…I can say for the first time in 4 years I actually could do all the questions. Which itself is a miracle. Now that the easy part is over, tomorrow I’ll have to tackle good ol’ Calculus, the scourge of my poor math deficient mind and the bane of my academic existence. Why art Thou forsaken thee Lord. What crime have I wrought upon humanity? What message are You trying to give me? Will Chocolate be my messiah for the Calculus Test tomorrow? So many questions, so little answers.

The people in need of a hand just keeps coming these days. Today, I’ve got a good friend who seemed distressed, well his problem isn’t what I call a distress but, nevertheless he deserves a hand. It’s not that I’m being a busybody, that’s the number one rule – “Never help unless you’re asked to.” but I consider him a friend now and as far as friends of this nature goes, they need prodding every now and again. I won’t completely butt in…no, I’ll just use that “charismatic” personality of mine to make him be the best of whatever path he chooses to do, for good or evil. Yeah…that’s what we can only do, guide…not interfere. Somehow I think in the long term we’ll all learn a thing or two from this.

So I’m still stuck looking for a way to put a comment page on my Blog. But I’ve got things to do this week, so I guess it can wait. Maybe I’ll work it off in the weekend. As for now, I’ve got some nice Hot Choc on the stove (which is insanity since the weather here is so hot) and I’m going to head up to my room and study in a while. Got to get cracking on that Calculus.

Mmmmm…Hot Choc.

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