Barren Comments…

It’s not that I’m much of a blog whore. It’s not that I’m that big an attention seeker. It’s not that I’m feeling left out or anything like that. It’s not that I’m quite a narcissist. It’s not that this blog feels a bit devoid, empty and lifeless. It’s not that I want to feel that people are actually reading my posts every one in a while.

But I’ve just really got one question.

Why is it no one really comments on my posts?

I mean seriously, I just find it strange that some blogs have alot of comments for their posts and I barely get any. I mean…it’s not like I have been blogging for so long. Unless…

Are my posts really that dull and boring?

I remember that people used to come in and comment on the three penguins that used to be in the last layout of the blog. In a way…is that the attraction for coming to my blog in the first place? The fact that it looks good but writes something no one can relate to?

I just don’t know.

It just feels like with all the hits out there, people are just coming and going without giving damn on what gets written down or what happens. Hell I could write about how I’m going to die in a matter of days and probably not get a peep from anyone. Not that it should matter…should it?

I don’t know either.

Seriously though.

Is it really bad writing?

Is it something else?

Can anyone help me figure this out?


5 thoughts on “Barren Comments…

  1. No,I don’t think your blog is boring. in fact, the stuff you write shows a very perceptive, and philosophical person, just trying to find some meaning in life. It’s WAY BETTER than some bloggers who just complain about how dreary and dull life is.  

    Posted by fellowblogger

  2. fellowblogger speaks my mind! which is also the reason why I am one of the many silent readers of kamigoroshi. :) 

    Posted by Papi

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