Bend It Forward Nicely…

How much of a rebel are you? I mean…how much of a goodie goodie do you consider yourself? Are you the kind of person who plays by the books? A kind of person who lives by the rules people have set? Or are you the original James Dean (please tell me some of you actually know who he is)? The kind guy who spits in the face of authority?

So I’m not the rebel I thought I was. Thing is…just how am I a regular goodie goodie when you know I’m the corruptor of innocence? Ok fine…that still sounds a bit too much, but come on…when’s the last time really I promoted people to have “normal” values? When to you sex should be casual, religion is just a phase, and tradition is a dying culture. You’re not exactly writing the good books for what goes around in the society these days…at least…not Malaysian society in general.

But yet…I’ve never really broken the rules have I? Well…maybe they are some rules I broke. Ok maybe I’ve broken ALOT of rules. But I’m still squeemish about some things being done aren’t I? Some things I just can’t help being paranoid about, some things I just don’t get around to actually doing. I know I know…I’m working on it. When you break the major rules…you might as well break the smaller ones as well right? Or not…

I don’t know.

Maybe to me it isn’t about breaking rules. Maybe to me…rules are not meant to be broken…they are meant to be bent. I mean…when you really look at it…they are alot of loopholes in the rules that we live by. So many loopholes. I’m surprised by the fact most people who actually use them at all. So many usual things everyone else ways does…like its ok to actually KEEP the change that they return to you rather than giving it to your parents. Or this….it’s not stealing…it’s just borrowing it without the person’s knowledge…you’re going to return it anyway.

Fine…those are lousy examples. I can’t think of anything right about now anyway. So we’ll leave it at that.

But still…you’re not technically breaking the rules. You’re not causing pain or anguish. You’re not contributing to the already chaotic world out there. You’re just making use of the system’s many loopholes. So yeah…I can be that corruptor. Just that I don’t go flat out and burn rubber on the streets at night or deliberately smoke in non-smoking areas.

I just…play nice.

So stop rolling your eyes and shaking your head. You do it too. Don’t try to justify it by my account. You’ve got your own ways too. At your rate, you can get away with murder…and you know what the best thing is?

You’re just cuter at doing it.

That’s scary.

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