Better Than Before…

There is only a limited amount of time a person can survive on instant noodles and bread…and that time is 72 hours. I realise I have to seriously buy myself some proper groceries or I’m going to end up climbing the walls. Fine…maybe I am pampered with the food I’m used to cooking. I mean…seriously…eating normal instant noodles for more than a day can seriously spoilt a man’s opinion of good food.

So let’s not let that happen.

I think it’s about time I start telling some of you how things are like over here. So I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. First off…I like to clarify HOW in the name of God can people find this place boring. I mean…this place is a rural area and for God’s sake, I can get all the DVD’s I want for a buck a night. New movies are like 3 bucks a night. Considering I haven’t even finished the movies on Sarah yet…

It’s going to last me a very very long time.

Yes…the rumours are true. I have a room mate of Japanese decent. The thing is…he is from Paraguay so he also speaks Spanish along with Japanese. Neat huh? No…there is NO Hentai in his laptop, but he has quite a number of Japanese Drama’s with him. He’s 6 years older than me and he’s pretty cool in his own right.

So far so good.

My room is small but we all got our own fridge and closet space. He got the bed next to the heater and window…but it’s ok. Everything is fine considering I’m right next to the bathroom and toilet. That would mean if I want to go…I can go fast.

The block has about 30-35 people in it. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. Each toilet has 2 bathtubs and 4 shower stalls. Each toilet has 4 cubicles and 2 sinks. Oh…get this. It’s a unisex toilet. None of that gender crap we have back home. I woke up this morning to two people in the shower (the main bathroom door is always open) singing. Just so happened that one was male and the other was female. It amused the hell out of me. Why shouldn’t it?

It’s a nice and homely place.

Just what I wanted.

The main campus is another story. The place is HUGE!! HUGE I TELL YOU!! Let me give you the general idea how big it is. It took me 20 minutes to walk from the dining hall to the where the classrooms are. It would take me another 5-10 minutes walking through the classroom blocks. That’s big alright.

The main campus is pretty cool though. The dining hall gives you a small buffet for an average of 6 bucks a meal. The campus pub or Tav lets you down pints of alchoholic beverages and catch bands playing there. The network which extends as far as my dorm is pretty strict and slightly expensive to use (6 hours free a week and 11 cents per MB downloaded)…but they have a security system that I respect for a place like this.

Not bad at all.

Yes…it’s winter now and it is cold. I still can’t thank Mabel enough for giving me that scarf. It keeps my neck toasty. Town is a small rural area. I mean rural by Australian standards. best way I can put it would be…Labuan. Yeah…it DOES feel like I’m back in my hometown of Labuan…just a little more higher classed…and cleaner.

I can’t wait to try Hungry Jacks though…I hear from the people here it’s the Burger King replacement. You have 4 pizza shops. Tonnes of pubs and tavens. A cinema which costs you 8 bucks on the cheapest days so…DVD’s are going to be my constant companions.

All In all…people are pretty much friendly and well…the place is perfect.


No matter where I turn. No matter where I go. I wish you’re here beside me, holding my hand. This perfect image of my kinda place is marred by the constant reminder that you’re not here with me. Not here to share the jokes. Not here to look at the flawless night sky where the stars shine brightly like jewels frozen in space. Not here to wake up and laugh to the guy and the girl singing in harmony in the shower and tempted to join them in singing.

Just not here.

When the time comes for us. I think you’d like to find a place like this. I think you’d like it. All I can do now is move inch by inch to that moment. That moment where there will be nothing left to mar these perfect moments. Nothing left to stand in our way.

Just something both of us can share in.

For the rest of our lives.

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