Big Bad Role Models

Just recently I watched The Bulletproof Monk, not a bad show…I give it a 6 over 10 not because of the plot but because though the characters are good, the villans are just too…easy. I don’t know…personally I like a show with good villans, they always reflect a good plot. In all this I can say that John Travolta plays one heck of a good villan. Castor Troy from Face/Off, Vic Deakins from Broken Arrow, Vince Vega from Pulp Fiction and Gabriel Shear from Swordfish. They all have that, suave charismatic and intelligent facade that makes you believe that the heroes are even more stupid than the bad guys.

But for me, the grand poomba of all villans, the big daddy of pure evil has got to be Dr. Hannibal Lecter. So much so, the guy is a role model for me. Intelligent, wise, chaismatic, charming, refined, cultured, practical, efficient, cunning and manipulative. He’s…just the perfect guy to look up to. Ok, sure…he kills a few people and eats them, but if you read the book or watch the show…he actually does it for a reason. People who make things worse are just…well…taken out of the picture. So what if they are eaten…at least they do make a good meal or entertainment (in his own mind), so really…they don’t go to waste.

And there is always that sense of something understandable about Dr. Lecter. He’s alone in a world populated by people, who do nothing but mess it up under the pretense of civillity. I guess alot of us feel that way sometimes, so it isn’t hard to empathise his plight. Who knows…there might be a true and true Dr. Lecter out there, not in the sense that eats people or convinces them to peel of their faces, but one who is just as practical, just as smart and charismatic as him. At least I would know that really some fiction can have facts.

So here’s to all the possible Dr. Lecter wannabe’s out there. Do things fo a reason…do it with the charisma and the wisdom that drove him. Maybe not to kill, but to drive us to commit actions that benefit all of us with the same ruthlessness and persuasiveness that he lived by. At least have somg good graces…cheers.

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