Biohazard Warning Ahead…

Is there any any difference in walking away and running away from a problem? Aside from the fact one is faster that is. Why is it some of us tend to leave things and not fight for them? I mean if something is really worth it. Then by all means fight for it…don’t walk away…don’t you dare run away. Some things are worth dying for damnit.

It’s been three days into the semester and already I have a grand total of 11 hours of sleep. If this continues, my eye bags would be good enough to keep things in them. Yeeesh…I’m this close to choosing to quit the Student Council. I like the bonuses yes, but the time when I dream of everyone killing each other and me bathing in their blood is getting more frequent. Can’t they have more than one person that knows how to use Photoshop?!

Aside from that, this is one of the reasons why no one should goof off in Microbiology Lab. I think I got contaminated by whatever bacteria was going around. When I woke up, I had this really bad sore throat and later in the day I really got weak with a slight fever. I didn’t know E.Coli could give you an upper respiratory infection. Hell…I was more worried about diarrhea than a bad bad sore throat.

Somewhere along the lines of writhing in bed, I had this vivid imagination of people in Biohazard Suits in a room contaminated with Ebola flinging water at each other. I had to laugh…it made me feel better…then it hurt my chest instead. No more imagination for me when I’m sick.

Gee…fuzzy vision, swimmy head and the beginnings of a headache. I think I really got to go to sleep now. Maybe it’s just life’s way of saying I need more sleep. That’s good…at least the I know someone up there watches over me…in some “sick” way. Better than nothing…:)

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