Blood And Flowers…

Make love not war. That’s one 60’s message that has been brought down through time and would probably be brought forth into generations to come. Be a lover…not a soldier for war when war wounds the innocents, peace heals the world. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from people in the face of the insanity that’s going about around the world these days.

Thing is…I don’t buy the whole peace is good propaganda. Personally I think it’s a precursor to an even more dangerous event. Personally I think in the presence of advocating peace, we are making wars more brutal than it should ever be. By preaching to us to be peaceful, we are breeding a society that will be unable to face the worst side of human nature.

Let’s take this slowly a bit. I follow the school of thought whereby human beings no matter what flavour will always live on conflict. It’s part of our biological destiny to do so, because no matter what, we’re still part of nature and still hunters even if we put on a suit or an evening gown. So it’s hard to say we’re above that which is embedded into us, unless you’re saying you’re not biologically human after all.

So assuming that this school of thought is correct, that would mean that no matter what…we would ALWAYS fight. Whether our culture chooses peace or not, conflict will always b a part of us because we can’t run away from it. We thrive on it, we grow in wars and battles, alot of the most extreme qualities of mankind has always come from conflict whether selfless heroism or heartless cruelty. Without the wars of history, we won’t have nuclear reactors, rocket science, the jet engine, lasers, hip replacements, space flight, the internet and scores of medical technology.

So what happens when we advocate peace? At the rate we’re going, we’re more interested in avoiding wars rather than understanding the situation to control wars. We’re breeding a society who puts the blind belief of peace ahead of the knowledge and understanding of our own nature. We’ve scorn the images of pain, suffering and cruelty in wars not knowing that given the same situation we might exact the same pain and cruelty as well. How can we possibly enforce peace when we do not understand the nature of war?

So don’t you ignorantly advocate peace without looking into your own limits of peace. Everyone has their own lines when they will break and will do anything to survive…even if it is to kill. Everyone has their limits until they do they most cruel things to another human being especially if they have nothing left to lose. Everyone has a creature within not off flowers and fruit, but off tooth and claws…just depends on what can set it off that’s all. If we spend the rest of our lives ignoring the darker side of our nature, do you think we can control it when the push becomes a shove?

In the end peace is just another way of saying you’re the sheep headed to the slaughter. Sometimes it pays to be a warrior and a soldier rather the lover and pacifist. At least you won’t be the first one who goes down when the time comes. So while other people echo the words make love not war. I’m telling people to learn war and save the peace for another day…

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