Blood, Sex And Death…

Ever since I was a kid I was always torn between choosing between being a vampire or a lycanthrope (that’s a wereanimal to you). Hey…it’s a childhood fantasy anyway. I mean you read all these books on the supernatural and you find comfort in knowing that these creatures possess something that no human ever has…a sense of mastery over their environment.

I mean…you take the vampire for instance. Who wouldn’t be tempted by the promise of eternal life. Eternal life and eternal youth. Being an undead itself…you’re a creature of senses. I mean what have you got to live for but the world around you? You have more time to explore the world around you as it should be. Everything has a new lease of life so to speak. Every touch, taste, sight, smell and sound itself is a minature explosion of pleasure and excitement. You explore the world as if you are a child looking at a new toy for the first time. Unhindered by time and space because you are in effect eternal. You take every moment and savour it for what it was. Life itself is the drug…you’re just living it.

So you have to take the blood of others. So you “die” at sunrise. So holy objects repel you. Thing is I learnt a long time ago is that you don’t have to be undead to be evil. The worst monsters are the most civillised human beings anyway. It’s the actions you commit to that determines “good” and “evil”. Being undead doesn’t change that one bit.

What about a lychanthrope? Creatures of instinct. You’re not human, neither are you an animal. You’re both. You live for the kill, you bring order into the world born of tooth and claws. You make peace with mother nature herself and you’re one with the beast within. If the myth and data serves right…you’re faster, stronger and just…better than any human alone.

I wouldn’t mind having that. I wouldn’t mind making peace with the beast within. I wouldn’t mind hunting prey with my teeth and claws. I wouldn’t mind paying the price of being tied to the full moon. Even if I can shift at will…I wouldn’t mind that too. Think about it…hightened senses, faster, stronger, superhuman metabolism. What wouldn’t I give for that?

Of course people would argue that eating raw flesh of a hunted prey is evil. Thing is…we’ve been doing just the same thing a few hundred thousand years ago. It makes no difference now and then. It’s not evil…it’s just not very civillised. But to pay that price for the mastery over mother nature? You punch in the numbers on that one.

Yeah…it’s every kid’s dream to be either one of these creatures. I think it’s the way of facing up to the fear of it. After all…if you are one of the monsters…why would you fear them any longer? It’s ironic though, that the qualities of these “monsters” that exist in books have far greater “virtues” than what humanity has to keep now.

We often forget to appreciate life for what it gives us, taking for granted every small detail as we rush to complete whatever we are tasked to do before our lives expire. We forget the fact that we are creatures that are still bonded to nature and as such we still operate within nature’s law. After all…if we don’t accept responsibility and mastery over nature, how do we expect to maintain and protect its fragile balance?

It’s just a thought after all. Creatures like those only exist in books and not in real right? Or maybe they have yet to live…all it takes is the right person to accept it…

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