Blood Spilt And Dreams Made…

Did you ever dream? Did you ever just close your eyes and just drift off into a world of your own where you had exactly what you wanted? Where you lived exactly where you desired. Where you could just smile at the passion you lived for, not caring about anything else in the world but that which you held dear.


Did you ever reach out and try and take those dreams?

I guess I am a dreamchaser in that sense. I spend my life going after the dreams I see so vividly in my head. Moving step after step towards something I see at the back of my mind. No matter where I am or what I do. Those dreams are still there, like a memory echo of a future seen.

A world I see that I flow through. A world that I created, driven by my own will and determination like a firestorm through the night, transforming the darkness into light.

Bathed in the blood of the past.

I don’t know. What seems like a long time ago, I walked into the abyss and lost something of myself in that darkness. But nature abhors a vacuum and you don’t lose something without gaining something else in equal value.

I swore to myself a long time ago that in exchange for that part of me lost, I would never turn away from my dreams with the haunted bitter look of cynicism that you find so much in the people of today. I swore to myself that in exchange for the innocence lost I would become a soldier born out of the lost will of those that have gone before.

I have been called a hopeless dreamer, an idealist who has no grasp on reality and just plain loony. But in all this time…what have I accomplish? So little? Too much? Even I don’t know…all I know is that I am moving foward to a dream that now appears to be a reality.

All I know is that even life through it’s harsh lessons and painful cuts drives me to a future I have seen…even if it’s one painful step at a time. I don’t have…I shouldn’t have time to doubt whether anything is possible or not. I should know better that nothing is impossible. I’ve seen the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear…and the forsaken embraced.

I should understand better that reality is mine to change better than anyone else.

Whether my reason or life’s dream. Whatever the cost or consequence. Wherever I land and end up in.

It’s still something I have to take.

Like Hati and Skoll. It’s still something I chase after.

Isn’t that what dreams are for?

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